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S. R. Bose & Co. Chartered Accountants is one of the oldest CA Firms in Bangladesh. The founder: Mr.Shishir Ranjan Bose FCA established the firm on 31st August, 1999.
Mr. S. R. Bose, having qualified from S. F Ahmed & Co, Chartered Accountants with the then Foreign Affiliation under the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh in the year 1982, serves a wide variety of clients providing services more than 38 years in the area covering Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Secretarial matters, Compliance issues, Business Advisory, Management Consultancy, Financial Planning and Policy.

Now the firm has been restructured with new partner of Mr.Mahadev Sarker FCA has extensive experiences on having more than 23 years of working experiences, Proficiency in IFRS/ IAS with related interpretations, Advanced knowledge on business laws- Companies Act, 1994, Bank Company Act 1991 (with related amendment), Bangladesh Securities & Exchange rules 1987, Financial Reporting Act, 2015.

S. R. Bose & Co.

Our vision, mission, values and professional affiliation:

S. R. Bose & Co.

Our vision

S. R. Bose & Co. Is an audit firm, which provides audit and consulting services to clients to be an impactful, innovative, efficient and leading audit firm in Bangladesh.

S. R. Bose & Co.

Our Mission

  • We provide quality audit &consultancy services
  • We develop long-term relationships with our clients based on professionalism and code of ethics.
  • We consider the principles of sustainable development and excellence.


S. R. Bose & Co. beliefs the following values:

S. R. Bose & Co.

Affiliation and other Associates

S. R. Bose & Co. Is affiliated/associated for:

M.S.Murthy & Associates