board of Partners

Mr. S. R. Bose, having qualified from S. F Ahmed & Co, Chartered Accountants under the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh in the year 1982. Thereafter, he is contributing his professional expertise in financial sector like financial consultancy, management consultancy. Besides he advises his professional expertise in taxation and VAT law, auditing and company matters. He became the Independent Director in  AB Bank Ltd. and acted as Chairman of Audit Committee more than 11 years (2008-2019). He had also become Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Committee of Golden Son and GSL Export Limited. He is also Member of Social- Club such as Uttara Club, All Community Club and Dhanmondi Club Ltd. He has vast experiences in travelling around the World. He visited USA, UK, Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, Korea, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, India and Nepal.

Shishir Ranjan Bose, FCA

Managing Partner

Mr. Mahadev Sarker Sumon, FCA served a wide variety of clients providing services more than 23years’ experience in maintaining and supervising centralized accounting systems and procedures, financial systems analysis, design and implementation, design of management information system, participating in preparing formats for loan classification and loan ledgers in banks,  valuation of existing accounting system and procedures, feasibility study, preparation of audit manual, accounting manual, credit card manual, MIS manual, budgetary manual, policy manual, SOP manual, etc for various organizations like banks, manufacturing organizations and trading houses. He has experiences in auditing and review of Banks & financial institutions, private limited companies, public limited companies, donor funded organizations, NGOs (national and International), insurance companies, housing societies, provident fund, gratuity fund, etc.

Mr. Mahadev Sarker Sumon, FCA has wide experiences in audit and consultancy services with ACNABIN Chartered Accountants, he is also a experienced banker having more than 7 years’ experience as CFO, Worked 5 years as company Secretary, worked more than 4 years as head of Investment Banking Department. He is a Certified Basel expert from Basel Institute, Switzerland, member of SMT, ALCO, CRMC and RMC of the management of a Bank, close work experience with board of directors.
Mr. Mahadev Sarker Sumon, FCA has extensive experiences in financial management systems in different organizations like Christian Service Society (CSS) and Rural Employment Sector Pregame (RESP) over his career as Director & Senior Auditor and as Accounts Manager. He has also expertise in handling Taxes, VAT, RJSC matters of huge number of companies both local and foreign.

Mr. Mahadev Sarker FCA has extensive experiences on

–    Having more than 23 years of working experiences

–    Proficiency in IFRS/ IAS with related interpretations

–    Advanced knowledge on business laws- Companies Act, 1994, Bank Company Act 1991 (with related amendment), Bangladesh Securities & Exchange rules 1987, Financial Reporting Act, 2015  

–    Expertise in Taxation related issues

Experienced in preparation and monitoring of the Financial Statements

–    Worked as an Audit and Accounts professional in donor-funded project

Worked as audit manager of several NGO,local, international and multinational organizations

Mahadev Sarker Sumon, FCA


Mr. Sib Sankar Saha, FCA, over 30 (thirty) years of experience of financial management and administration. Out of which more than 26 (twenty-six) years of job experience and more than 4 (four) years of practicing experience as a public accountant (independent auditor).

Job experience include among others with Trading, Manufacturing, Shipping Companies, Life and Non-Life Insurance Companies. Insurance Companies are ALICO (presently MetLife), Eastern Insurance, Paramount Insurance, Peoples Insurance & Dhaka Insurance in the positions of Deputy Chief, Vice President, Executive Director & Company Secretary, DMD, Additional MD, MD (CC) and Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Worked as a Partner for about 4 (four) years of one of the well reputed independent auditing firm in Bangladesh having membership of LEA & MAZARS, USA, namely A. Wahab & Co, Chartered Accountants; wherein Mr. Sib Sankar Saha, FCA gathered vast of experience on audit and assurance services, Tax consultant, Independent reviewer & investigator of Bank & other Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Manufacturing industries, Trading Companies, Development Agencies, NGO”s Individuals and many more.

Mr. Saha has experience of working with various donor agencies, Development Projects local and International non-govt. organization (NGO’S), Micro credit organizations. Those include, among other; Save the Children, USA, US Aid, Concern, DFID (UK Aid), COAST, RGCF, USHA, CHRF, RDRS, MJF, ROSC, CODEC, Bright Bangladesh, Banchte Shekha, MLAA, Uttaran, CAMPE, CPD, TIB, Micro Credit Projects of Agrani Bank Ltd. (SEDP), PKSF, BRAC etc.

Mr. Sib Sankar Saha, FCA worked as one of the team members (individual financial management & review expert in Bangladesh) of 3 (three) member team for Annual OPR (Output for Purpose Review) on RGCF-MJF being selected and assigned by DFID (UK) in Bangladesh in May-June 2010.

In addition, Mr. Saha also worked as Independent Director and Chairman, Audit Committee of Paramount Insurance Company limited for consecutive two terms i.e for about 5(five) years. He is now working as one of the Board members an independent Director of Paramount Textiles Ltd. and Paramount Insurance Co. Ltd.

Sib Sankar Saha, FCA